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Quack Fix: Barner excels, Mariota still learning, and Oregon dominates second half

Barner looks solid in win over WSU. Mariota is learning on the job and starting to figure out his position. Oregon gets back to the way of dominating in the second half.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

3,257. Onto the quack:

  • It really was the pivotal drive that changed the game and Oregon didn't even have the ball. Going into half, with Oregon clinging to a 23-19 lead, WSU drove it to the Oregon 17 yard line. Then 3 straight sacks by Jordan, Clay and Keliikipi pushed WSU back to the 45 and forced them to punt. The momentum never turned back to the Cougars after that.
  • Good to see Kenjon Barner have a stellar night without a lot of flare. That had to be the quietest 195 yards rushing I've ever seen.
  • More from Fentress on Barner's game.
  • I like that Oregon has gone back to their second half domination from a season ago. The first 3 games felt weird how Oregon would jump out to a big lead and then hang on till the end. The last 2 games have been more normal with halftime adjustments producing break aways on offense and defense that put the game out of reach. It shows the conditioning, and game planning the coaches and players are doing is working.
  • I know we didn't see much of Bane and Pain on Saturday, which is ok, because Mariota is starting to figure things out. I'm sure there will continue to be growing pains and mistakes any freshman would make, but he's really looking like a point guard of the offense. Each repetition brings him more experience he will use to make better decisions in the future.
  • More on Mariota and his learning from Jude.

That's all the quack I got. Go ahead and leave any other pieces you find in the comments.