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ATQ's Blogpoll, Week 7: Some Time to Think, and Re-Evaluate

Oregon's bye week has given Tako and Noah plenty of time to watch the rest of the college football world, and rethink some of their past decisions.

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My Saturday was spent on the couch, in front of the TV, watching college football. And with the palpable lack of an Oregon game emanating from the weekend, it gave me the chance to browse around the world of college football, and take a closer look at the teams I am charged with ranking. And in hindsight: some of my rankings were wonky as hell, last week in particular.

A couple teams I found to be misranked: Clemson - whose best win is a two-touchdown win at Boston College - at #10, and USC - who hasn't looked terribly impressive at any point this year, and whose loss to Stanford looks worse and worse as the Cardinal keep faltering - at #12. I also had Ohio - who despite being undefeated, only beat Marshall, UMass, and Buffalo by a combined 13 points - ranked above LSU. Clank. My bad, ya'll, And this week is as good a week as any to throw out the old, because teams are starting to make their way into more defined groupings. Here's how I see it:

  • Undefeated and impressive - Alabama, Florida, Kansas State, Notre Dame, Oregon, Oregon State
  • No losses, many questions - Cincinnati, Louisville, Mississippi State, Ohio State, Rutgers
  • One loss and dangerous - Arizona State, Clemson, Florida State, LSU, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, USC, West Virginia
  • Everybody else - everybody else
The fun thing about the way ATQ's ballot works this year is that Noah and I have different criteria in our rankings; I'm choosing to value an undefeated season over a one-loss season against better competition, while Noah goes the other way. The result is a strange, mutant ballot that makes some sort of big-picture sense. It's not formulaic in any sense, and we've both been consistent about re-evaluating our rankings every week. It's led to some crazy swing in our balloting, but I'm okay with it. Full poll lives below. One note: in the event of a tie, the rankings of whoever wrote that week's post takes precedent. So my picks are worth more this week, while Noah's were worth more last week. If Noah were writing this post, Florida, not OSU, would be #3, LSU and Cincinnati would swap spots, as would Oklahoma and South Carolina.