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Oregon Ducks Elevator: The Punch is Getting "Spiked" in the Penthouse

The Oregon Ducks Elevator is a weekly series that tracks the ups and downs of players, coaches, personnel, celebrities, locations or really anything that needs to be reviewed from week to week. We'll check in on how the Elevator is operating every Monday during the Football season and periodically throughout the rest of the year.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

Isaac Remington: The news came out last week that Isaac was suspended indefinitely for a DUII and while I thought ATQ would erupt into flames of panic and worry, neither of those things ultimately happened. Sure, you have a few "that was dumb" comments that are typical of these types of situations but ultimately, worry gave way to acceptance as we all reminded ourselves of the depth Oregon has. Yes, it was a dumb thing to do and everyone knows that, especially Isaac. Whether he is suspended for games at this point is anyone's guess. Elevator: In Between Floors

Dana Altman: Dave and I were fortune enough to cover Matthew Knight Madness on Friday last week. While the entire event was billed as a way to hype up the basketball teams, I was somewhat disappointed that Dana appeared to decline to speak to the crowd. Maybe he was sick, maybe he just didn't feel like it, who knows. With Paul Westhead choosing to speak and work the crowd, I would have liked to hear from Altman. Elevator: Down 1 Floor

Dominic Artis: While it's hard to gauge his talent and ability with just one exhibition viewing, I came away with his demeanor on the court and his athletic ability during the event. He was subdued, almost to the point of blocking out everything around him and went out there to ball. We'll need him to come in immediately and play meaningful minutes. The men's basketball team just doesn't have the depth at that position on the floor to afford lots of mistakes. Elevator: Stepped Inside and Pressed Up

Liz Brenner: The University of Oregon sophomore led the Ducks Volleyball team with 12 kills and .500 hitting for the fifth time this season as the Ducks took the match against Washington State on Friday, 3-0. Her ability to attack, attack, attack during a match is unbelievable. If you haven't had a chance to see Ducks Volleyball in person, make a point to do so because the quality of play is out of this world. Elevator: Up 1 Floor

Ducks Volleyball Team: Not only did they sweep the Washington schools this weekend, they upset an undefeated Washington Huskies team at home, 3 sets to 1. Be careful, we just had new countertops installed. Elevator: In the Penthouse

Kenjon Barner: While its common knowledge that nothing good happens during a bye week (or is it "Improvement Week" now?), I was really happy to see a number of football players coming out to support the basketball teams at Matthew Knight Madness. Among them was Kenjon Barner who spent several minutes after the exhibition posing with kids to get pictures taken. He doesn't have to do that. None of those guys have to do that. They did it anyway and seemed to enjoy the entire process. That's class and it's scenes like that which make me proudest to be a Duck. Elevator: Honorable Mention