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Quack Lunch: Football Defeats Arizona State, Colt Lyerla Injury, SEC Fans Get Nervous and Epic Beard Man

Going into the Arizona State game, I was one of many people that were predicting a close game. There were advantages for both teams on both sides of the ball and while I thought Oregon would eventually come away with the win, I had no indication that the game would be over with 9 minutes to go to in the second quarter. That performance was just outstanding by everyone involved. Let's open up our Carson York lunchboxes and dive into our Quack Lunch.

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Hand over your lunch money. We want our Quack Lunch
Hand over your lunch money. We want our Quack Lunch
Christian Petersen

- One of the key matchups I was looking at for the game was how Oregon's offensive line would stack up against Will Sutton and the Arizona St. Sun Devils defensive line. I never really got to see that matchup as injuries to Will Sutton and Junior Onyeali changed the entire complexion of the game early on. In fact, the entire Sun Devils team appeared to get rattled after that and Oregon jumped on opportunity after opportunity, putting the game away early. I don't think those two players would have made up for a 22-point difference at the end of the game, but I don't think the Ducks would have had the same amount of success had those two been in there the entire time.

- Many people noticed that tight end Colt Lyerla left the game right before halftime with some sort of injury. I couldn't really tell if it was a leg injury or something wrong with his back but chances are he is day-to-day until he's not.

- As the game was well in hand, the announcers were looking for anything and anyone to talk about in order to pass the time. One of my favorite moments was when cameras focused on an older couple in the stands. Lost Lettermen provides a nice photo of the couple and the man with the truly epic beard which led one announcer to speculate if he was responsible for painting the Arizona State "A" green and took the leftovers for his beard.

- Oregon Live has a great photo essay from last night's win. The Huffington Post also has some photos and a video.

- After that performance, the debates about Oregon vs. the SEC have kicked off in earnest. If you remember a post from Dave a few weeks ago, we should expect a bunch of articles from national media about whether or not Oregon can "hang" with the SEC. I give you one for digestion. On a personal note, I went into work today and the first words out of my Ohio State fan co-worker's mouth were "Wow, I would LOVE to see Oregon-Alabama". I wouldn't care if we met in the Las Vegas Bowl. I would love to see Saban-Kelly.

How are you feeling about Oregon now in the second half? Confident? Concerned? Indifferent? Let us know in the comments.