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Tako Tuesdays: Top ten moments in the Oregon/Washington rivalry

In celebration of Happy I Hate Washington Week, ATQ celebrates Oregon's finest moments in this rivalry.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

Tako is out this week, but Jared and I couldn't let Happy I Hate washington Week pass without a Tako Tuesdays to satisfy everybody's needs. That said, there is an inherent problem with Jared and I attempting to do a Tako Tuesdays--namely, the fact that we are not funny. So appreciate the genius that is Takimoto, because, humor is hard, folks. In the meantime, we may not be able to make you laugh, but we can make you smile. Below are the top ten moments in the recent history of this rivalry:

10. (2009) LMJ turns on the jets: It was the same story we've seen over and over against during Chip Kelly's coaching career. Let the other team hang around until halftime and then smoke 'em. LMJ put the nail in the coffin on this long run early in the 4th quarter.

9: (2010) Darron Thomas runs wild: I guess even Darron Thomas is fast when he's compared to a husky. A QB known more for his ability to execute the Oregon offense than his raw physical ability, Thomas had two of his best rushes as a Duck as he led #1 Oregon to the 7th straight victory against washington.

8. (2011) Oregon's defense locks down Keith Price: It was the defense that starred in last year's contest, battering Keith Price for six sacks and two interceptions. Sorry, Keith. The defense is better this year. Oh, and this was the last game played at old Husky Stadium.

7. (1995) Patrick Johnson kickoff return: Oregon headed to Seattle in 1995 with a 6-2 record and looking for back-to-back victories against the Huskies, although they had not won in Montlake in 15 years. Patrick Johnson took the opening kickoff to the house, and the Ducks got out to a 24-0 halftime lead before holding on for the 24-22 win.

6. (2007) Oregon sets a school rushing record: 465 rushing yards. Dennis Dixon. Jonathan Stewart. Awesome.

5. (2000) Ducks beat Rose Bowl bound Huskies in the last game that really mattered: This was the infamous "Victory and Ruins" team, and the last UW team to go to the Rose Bowl. But there is one reason they didn't play for a national title. Because they came to Autzen and lost. Thank God the Ducks prevented the catastrophe of Washington playing for a BCS Title.

4. (1988) Terry Obee 49 special: Oregon's first big breakthrough against Washington. I'll let Jared take this one.

3. (1997) The Catch: 1997 looked to be a season to forget for Oregon, with the Ducks losing four of five heading into Seattle as 21-point underdogs to #6 Washington. The Ducks would race out to an 18 point lead, only to give all of it back. Down four and facing 3rd and 20 with two and a half minutes to go, Patrick Johnson made a diving catch on an Akili Smith pass to the corner of the end zone to give the Ducks their first win over a top ten team since 1990.

2. (1994) The Drive: Benzduck writes about this ever more eloquently than I could. The Pick could not have happened without The Drive.

1. (1994) The Pick: Washington responds to "The Drive" with a drive of their own, and it appears that the Huskies are once again going to break Oregon fans' hearts. But Kenny Wheaton jumps an out-route with 1:05 left and takes it 97 yards to the house and into history. Quite simply, there is no Oregon Football, at least in the sense that we know it, without "The Pick." It not only propelled Oregon to an improbable Rose Bowl run, but got Phil Knight and the donor base involved in the program. The clear turning point in this rivalry, and the most iconic play in school history.