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ATQTube: Olive Branches, Trolling Defenses, and a Tight End Debate

ATQTube recaps the WSU game, previews the matchup with the rival huskies, and calls for a cease fire amongst the ATQ readership.

Does it really feel that good to call some Internet person you've never met a nasty name and tell them you hate his family, all because he (or she) roots for a different team than you do. Makes you feel real good, huh? Well stop it. Hate the huskies all you want, but hate the symbol of the team and what it represents in opposition to our team. No personal attacks against players, coaches, or other users. Debate all you want, but keep it strictly business, or else we unleash Matt Daddy, the Thor of banning folks.

Also of note, I didn't realize how wonky the shadows looked when I was taping, because I can't watch the videos I shoot with this camera until I upload to a computer. But there's no way I'm reshooting this thing, so here you go.