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The Kickoff: Colorado is a really bad football team

There is no drama as the Ducks take on the woeful Buffaloes

Stephen Dunn

Apparently, the Oregon Ducks have a football game this week. Despite popular misconception, the University of Colorado has not dropped football, and will be sending a squad to Autzen to face Oregon this weekend. There is no sugar-coating it: Colorado is going to lose, and lose by a lot (the spread is 47.5). This is a game that is likely to be over early in the second quarter, and the backups are going to play the bulk of the second half. The goal is to get through that without any major injuries, and start thinking about USC. The only upside to this game is that the all-time series between the Ducks and Buffaloes is knotted at 8-8, meaning that, for the second week in a row, the Ducks will take the lead in an all-time series against a conference opponent.


Colorado runs a pro-style offense, and will give Oregon a nice look headed into the USC game (though with 1/100 of the Trojans' talent). This is a pretty awful unit, and there isn't a player starting for the Bufffaloes that would crack the two-deep for the Ducks. The problems are immense, but you can start with the offensive line. CU averages a paltry 3.05 yards per carry, and is sacked, on average, 4.5 times per game. This puts the quarterback in an impossible situation, and you can see Jordan Webb completing barely over 50% of his passes. CU quarterbacks have combined to throw ten interceptions on the season. With Paul Richardson out, this team doesn't have a single gamebreaking player that Oregon needs to key on.

Oregon's starting defense is going to control the Buffalo offense without much difficulty. To me, the more interesting thing about this game is seeing Oregon's backup perform against the first string of Colorado. The backups have been a mixed bag this season, and I want to see them succeed against a team that should be at their level.


Teams are putting up almost 43 points per game on the Buffaloes this season, with nearly five yards per rushing attempt and seven yards per play, total. The linebackers stand out as the competent unit on the defense, and Jon Major and Doug Rippy are legitimate Pac-12 starters. But both the defensive line and the secondary are littered with young players who need not just experience, but a year to just work on their bodies in the weight room to compete at this level. CU runs a 4-3, but it doesn't matter what they run with the personnel they are putting on the field.

This is truly a game of no mystery. Get the second unit some reps. Hopefully, watch them be successful. And get to November 3 healthy.