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Oregon Ducks vs Colorado Buffaloes: Post Game Thread

The Ducks dismantle the Buffs early, yet the story of the week will be how some of the injuries to key defensive players progress.

Jonathan Ferrey

It wasn't much of a game as Oregon stormed out to a quick 56-0 lead in the first half. As Oregon has done all season long, the second string, thrid string and walk-ons took the majority of the snaps in the second half.

What Oregon fans didn't want to see though were the injuries that happened in the first half. Wade Keliikipi went off with a leg injury after a chop block and didn't return. Dion Jordan went to the locker room with a shoulder injury and Mana Greig was on the sideline on crutches for most of the game. With the big game looming against USC next week, getting those key defensive players and Kiko Alonso healthy will be the most important story line of the week.

Finally, the day isn't over as there are still some big games that could impact the Ducks left on the docket. Kansas State is still battling Texas Tech and USC is fighting the Wildcats in Arizona. Later this evening is the Notre Dame versus Oklahoma game and the late one of Oregon State at Washington.

Use this space to talk about the remaining football action.

Go Ducks!