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Quack Fix: I don't know what everyone is worked up about

I don't know what everyone is worked up about. Chip Kelly assures me that if they take care of business every week and don't look ahead, when they get done with the season they'll lift their heads and see where they stand. I don't know why everyone is so concerned about the BCS now.

Jonathan Ferrey

Look, I know it's in Duck fan's nature to fret, worry and panic at every perceived slight that comes their way. Lord knows we've earned our fair share of college football injustices. We were #2 in both polls in 2001 and didn't get our shot and had to deal with the left over scraps from the Big XII to chew on. In 2007 our savior and leader Dennis Dixon had his knee and Oregon hearts ripped out. Speaking of knees, I'm still not sure whether or not Dyer's was down in 2010. But this year is different. Oregon is on a mission to show who the best team in the country is, and that message gets made loud and clear come Saturday. Until then, I'm sure you'd like a little quack to keep you going, so let's see what I can find to calm those nerves:

  • Remember that vaunted Big XII team that Oregon faced in the Fiesta Bowl about a decade ago? Well they were in town this weekend, and things went pretty much according to plan. Probably the only thing that went wrong for the Oregon offense this weekend was that the Ducks erased a record, that was so pretty, for most points scored in a conference game, topping the 65 the Ducks put up against the Beavers in 2008. You remember that game right?
  • Things weren't as great for the defense as it appears the status of Dion Jordan and Kiko Alonso is still in doubt, very similar to what happened last year against USC. One thing that is different is the depth that Oregon has at both positions. While there is no replacing the talent of guys like Jordan and Alonso, Tony Washington and Anthony Wallace both have plenty of experience playing big minutes this year and should be able to keep the defense at their best.
  • I don't know why everyone is worried. Even though the BCS let another team (Notre Dame) jump them in the polls this weekend, the Ducks still control their own destiny. The human voters understand what Oregon is doing on a week-in week-out basis, and both the USA Today and the Harris poll reflect that. Oregon's resume will probably never get them to #2 in the computers, but since the computers aren't meant to be anything greater than a tie-breaker and both the human polls agree that Oregon is one of the best teams in the country, the computers are irrelevant. Oregon just needs to continue to take care of business and they will play in the BCS National Championship Game. It's as simple as that.
  • Because ATQ loves the ladies, here are some updates on Fall lady's sports that you need to know: The women's basketball team opens up this Tuesday against Southern Oregon in exhibition. The soccer team lost to WSU 1-0 unfortunately, but the volleyball team kept rolling as they improved to 20-1 record with a sweep of Utah.

Well that's all the quack I got and I've showed you mine, now you show me yours. Leave your other quack in the comments below.