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ATQ BlogPoll, Week 9: Key Losses Shake Up the Scene

There's a whole lotta moving going on, as numerous losses to top teams has ATQ's BlogPoll in a state of flux.

Sam Greenwood

Down go some more, but not the ones we were expecting.

  • Notre Dame had its best game of the year in beating Oklahoma. They still don't have Kansas State's resume, and Alabama and Oregon beat them in the eye test, but they took a big step forward in their quest for the BCS Championship game.
  • With only five undefeated teams left ('Bama, Oregon, K-State, Notre Dame, Louisville), the "who's the best one-loss team?" discussion becomes increasingly relevant. That answer is currently Florida, even with the loss to Georgia fresh in everyone's mind. But coming up two yards short of a chance to tie the game, on the road, in the SEC, is a somewhat excusable loss, and the wins over LSU and South Carolina make Florida's the best one-loss resume in the country at the moment.
  • Noah chose to only drop Oregon State to #7 following their road loss to washington. I dropped them to #13, because losing to washington carries at least a four-spot bonus penalty in my book.
  • Every spot on the poll from #4 to #25 is inhabited by a different team than was there in Week 8.
  • Noah's personal vendetta against Ohio State has kept the undefeated Buckeyes at #13 for three straight weeks. This week, they move up to #11.
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