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Interview: Ask ESPN's Joe Tessitore Anything

Have questions for ESPN College Football personality Joe Tessitore? Ask them in the comments and we'll select from the most recommended comments to send to Joe.

Jonathan Ferrey - Getty Images

It's been nearly forever since we've done an "Ask Them Anything" piece here at the blog. In fact, the last one we did was this Rob Moseley piece back in 2009. As a special "Hate Week" feature, we're privileged to have Joe Tessitore from ESPN give us his time and thoughts on your burning questions. Joe does play-by-play commentary for college football broadcasts for ESPN and will be doing the Oregon-Washington game on Saturday. Personally, I've been a big fan of Joe's work on Friday Night Fights. If you'd like to learn more about Joe, here's a link to his Wikipedia entry.

As is typical in these features, we let you, the ATQ Community, prepare and submit questions that we'll send onto Joe. Post your questions to Joe in the comments and we'll pick from the most highly recommended questions so make sure to rec those posts! Feel free to ask about his career, what he likes to do for fun, what he is looking forward to in terms of the game on Saturday or any other question you can think of (that's appropriate).

Leave your questions in the comments!