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Quack Fix: Changes at ATQ, Can USC match up with Oregon?

Your daily collection of Oregon Ducks news, plus a note about some new happenings on your favorite Ducks blog

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Before we get going with the Quack, I'm excited to announce some roster additions here at ATQ

We had our interviews for the Eugene Correspondent position, and they went really well. Dom, Matt, and myself went down to Eugene, and are extremely pleased that Jake Tabor, whom you may recognize from ATQ as mackjones23, was our choice to fill that role. He will be working in tandem with Will Rubin, the infamous axeman23, and we're very excited to have both aboard. Kalon Jelen will be given official author status at to continue his advanced stats pieces, and we will now be able to showcase them on the cover. And our dear Joe Shufelt is an official editor who will write occasional pieces when it strikes his fancy.

I'm very excited about what these additions are going to bring to the site. Please make sure to welcome them in the comments today. Onto the Quack:

That's all I've got for today. Want to send a shoutout to all of our east coast quack addicts who are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Hope that you are all well.