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The NEW ATQ Podcast -- Episode 1: Goodbye Talkshoe and previewing USC

Dave and Matt say goodbye to Talkshoe, preview the Oregon Ducks vs. the USC Trojans, and talk about the debut of Dominic Artis and the men's basketball team


Election season usually comes with promises of change, and we have our own version of change coming to the ATQ Podcast. Talkshoe is dead, at least as a means of recording our show, and gone with it are the limiting time constraints, troll calls, inability to edit, and horrible sound quality that came along with it. Matt and I are now recording the show via Skype and, while we'll miss the fun and shenanigans that would sometimes take place during the live show and are sad to see that element go, listeners will now get much better sound quality, and the flexibility will allow us to get a wider variety of guests and interviews to make part of the show. Because this is no longer a Tuesday night live show, we have retired the Tuesday Night Talks moniker, and have reverted to the Addicted to Quack Podcast.

On your end, it shouldn't be difficult to find. We'll still use Talkshoe for the time being to host the files, so your bookmarks and subscriptions should remain unchanged (this should include your iTunes subscriptions as well). And if you stopped listening due to the poor sound quality, please take this opportunity to give it another whirl.

On today's episode, Matt and I conclude that Oregon should beat USC handily, and why its the most critical weekend of the season for Oregon State. We also give our reactions to watching the first men's basketball exhibition (Dominic Artis looks like the real deal), and end with a little round of What Are You Drinking?

As always, visit Talkshoe to download directly or for options to subscribe.

EPISODE 01: Goodbye Talkshoe

Time: 1:28:26

0:00 Kenny Wheaton's Gonna Score

1:18 Talkin' Football

1:01:20 Breaking down Oregon Men's Basketball preseason opener

1:19:08 wrap up, What Are You Drinking?