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Second Half Open Thread: washington vs. Oregon

Oregon leads washington at the half 35-7, as the Ducks look to move 6-0 on the season.

Steve Dykes - Getty Images

The Ducks leads the Huskies 35-0 at the half as the Ducks look to make it 9 straight against hated washington.

The Ducks have been dominant so far, already racking up 319 yards, but it's been turnovers that have really created the 4 touchdown lead. Avery Patterson has an interception return for a touchdown and two fumbles have given the Ducks easy chances to score, and they've taken advantage. When the Ducks turned it over early, the Oregon defense clamped down and didn't give up any points.

Stick around for the second half, and look for the Ducks to widen the lead as a frustrated Kieth Price hopefully throws it to more Oregon plays. GO DUCKS!