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Week 6 ATQ BlogPoll: I can't believe there are still three SEC teams in our top 5

South Carolina had an impressive week 6 win over Georgia, and is one of three SEC teams in the ATQ BlogPoll top five.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

With another week in the books, the top teams in college football are beginning to separate themselves. This past weekend featured two games between top 10 teams in Georgia/South Carolina and LSU/Florida, and one more between top 15 teams in Texas and West Virginia. West Virginia picked up a signature win on the road against a very good Texas team, while South Carolina manhandled Georgia at home. Florida also picked up a signature win at home against LSU, who once again looked utterly incapable on offense.

Elsewhere, Notre Dame finally added a dominating win to their resume as they crushed Miami 41-3, while Ohio State ran away from Nebraska in the second half en route to a 63-38 win, their best of the season. There were also several upsets as TCU fell to unranked Iowa State and Cal knocked off UCLA at Memorial Stadium. However, the biggest surprise of the day was #3 Florida State, who fell to North Carolina State 17-16. NC State scored all of their points in the second half and took the lead on a touchdown with just 16 seconds left in regulation after going for it on 4th down in their final three series.

As for our poll, Tako and I were mostly in agreement about the top 10, but had some disagreements about the rest of the top 25. The biggest discrepancies:

  • LSU (Noah #10, Tako #23)
  • Mississippi State (Noah #24, Tako #14)
  • Oklahoma (Noah #17, Tako unranked)
  • Ohio State (Noah #18, Tako #9)

Agree or disagree? Tell us what idiots we are in the comments section.