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Oregon moves to 10-0, beats Cal 59-17

With the Number One ranking on the line, the Oregon Ducks did what they needed to do, beating Cal 59-17.

It wasn't pretty early on, as injuries caused much panic among Duck fans. Kenjon Barner and Marcus Mariota both missed time due to injury. On defense, Taylor Hart and Avery Patterson were knocked out of the game. Their status moving forward is unknown.

But despite the adversity, Oregon was unfazed. Oregon's defense would give up some yards, but locked it down when needed, giving up only 17 points. On offense, Marcus Mariota tied the school record with 6 touchdown passes. Bryan Bennett added another for good measure.

While the first quarter was panic-inducing, the Ducks blew out the Golden Bears, and continued to prove why they are one of the best teams in the nation.

With Alabama's loss, the Ducks stand to jump in the standings. Injuries continue to be a concern, but Oregon is set up well to compete for the BCS Championship.