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ATQ BlogPoll, Week 11: Oregon Completes Its Ascent

Alabama's loss opens the door for a new number one, and ATQ has a not-so-surprising choice for the new #1.


The shakeup started last week. Alabama's struggles with LSU, coupled with Oregon's record-setting performance against USC, was enough for me to vault the Ducks into the top spot on my BlogPoll ballot. Noah, however, wasn't so quick to make the change, keeping Alabama at #1. But the Crimson Tide's loss to Texas A&M was the breaking point, as now both Noah and I now have Oregon at #1. Like the AP and Harris polls, Kansas State and Notre Dame round out the top three, with Alabama dropping to #4 following their loss. The team that knocked off the Tide, Texas A&M, is our biggest riser this week, moving up five spots to #10. The biggest drop this week? The Louisville Cardinals, who fell from the ranks of the unbeaten in particularly embarrassing fashion, getting spanked by Syracuse.

And with twelve polls in the books, Noah and my ballots are finally close to synching up; only three schools in our ballots are ranked by more than four spots differently; Oklahoma State, Northern Illinois, and Louisiana Tech. That being said, the two of us only have six schools ranked in the same spot; Oregon, K-State, Notre Dame, Clemson, UCLA, and Texas. This is also a week where our tiebreaker is significant; since I'm writing the post this week, that means whomever I ranked higher in my ballot is higher on the combined ballot. Ohio State and Clemson ended up tied for seventh; Nebraska, South Carolina and Texas were tied for 16th; and Kent State, Louisville, and USC were tied for 21st. Had Noah written up this week's post, the poll would look quite different. Let us know what you think in the comments!