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Stanford vs. Oregon: Second Half Open Thread

Oregon and Stanford are tied at the half at 7. It's not what many were expecting, but Stanford's defense has played very well and forced Oregon to turn the ball over on downs on two big 4th downs.

Stanford took an early 7-0 lead after Kevin Hogan led a masterful 15 play, 93 yard drive for a touchdown early in the second quarter. But Hogan could not keep up that production. Stanford managed only 89 yards in the next 4 possessions.

On the opposite site of the ball, Stanford's linebackers have severely limited Oregon's running game. Outside of a long Marcus Mariota run, the Ducks have not managed much on the ground or through the air due to Stanford's pass rush.

Stanford's offense does not remotely scare me, but Oregon needs to find a way to get more points int he second half. They've had opportunities, but have not converted. I'm looking for Chip and Greatwood to get the offense rolling again in the second half.

Stick around and discuss the 2nd half. GO DUCKS!