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12 Pac Review: This loss is on Kelly

12 Pac Review: This loss is on Kelly

Steve Dykes

To hell with it all.

Kelly's stubbornness cost us another game. I'm ok with that as long as he stays here and continues to give us chances at a national championship, but that's not so certain either, now is it?

So, to hell with it all.

I'm not interested in talking about stretch plays for negative yardage when runs up the middle are working. I don't want to hear about how going for a field goal was the right decision when apparently it wasn't on 4th and 1 earlier in the game. I don't understand how Barner goes down so easily yet gets 21 carries while De'Anthony Thomas is fighting for yards and gets 7. How can a coach talk about how "response to turnover" is the only statistic they talk about, yet does nothing with the 3 that Stanford gives them?

To hell with it all.

So for all the "win the day" and "each week is our national championship" talk that Kelly puts out there, he better be able to turn that microscope on himself. Unfortunately, if you compare the 2009 Boise, 2010 Ohio State, 2011 LSU, and 2011 Auburn games, with the 2012 Stanford game it doesn't appear he has. The same flaws and fundamental game issues that plagued Oregon then came up to bite them Saturday. Offensive line issues like against Boise? Kicking a FG when you should have gone for it like against Ohio State? Wide receivers not holding the edge like against LSU? Not going to the passing game enough like against Auburn?

This loss is on Chip Kelly. So to hell with it all.

Oregon gave up their ability to control any of they're own destiny Saturday. Even if Ucla loses next week, they still get another shot at the Rose Bowl. Stanford ripped away a game that meant everything to the Ducks. A chance to win the Pac 12 out right for the 4th straight year. Something that has never been done before. A chance to be a unanimous #1 in all polls, something Oregon has never done before. A chance for Kelly to never have lost to a team twice in his career as head coach. Now that is gone, and it was David Shaw that did it to him.

This wasn't some loaded with talent USC team. This wasn't an undefeated Auburn team or an Ohio State team that hadn't played up to their potential. This was a Stanford team that lost to washington. This was the same unimaginative David Shaw team that we've seen all year from Palo Alto. David Shaw and Stanford just out-coached Chip Kelly, and Oregon is effectively out of the national championship race. That is on Kelly.

So to hell with it all.


Here are your Pac 12 scores and power poll:


1. Stanford 17 at Oregon 14

2. Oregon

3. washington 38 at Colorado 17

4. Oregon State 55 vs Cal 14

5. Cal

6. Washington State 7 at Arizona State 46


1. Ucla 38 vs USC 28

2. USC

3. Arizona 34 at Utah 24

4. ASU

5. Utah

6. Colorado

Next Week's Games:
Utah at Colorado
Uw at WSU
ASU at Arizona
Stanford at Ucla
Oregon at OSU
Notre Dame at USC