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ATQ BlogPoll: I can't wait until polls are obsolete

Our hope rests in your hands :(
Our hope rests in your hands :(
Jamie Squire

Like most other Oregon fans, I am still bitter about the Ducks' loss to Stanford on Saturday night. But life goes on and so do polls. But man, am I ready for polls to be obsolete and to have a legitimate playoff system. The reason a single loss feels so devastating is that there is hardly any margin for error during the regular season. Things will get better once we go to a four team playoff, but ultimately college football needs an 8 or 16-team playoff system to truly determine the best team in the country. As Texas A&M, Stanford, and others have shown, there are many teams in college football that can beat the perceived best team in the country on any given night. Determining a national champion based on computers and polls instead of settling it on the field over the course of 3-4 weeks has always been flawed.

Of course it's wishful thinking to think that polls will ever be obsolete as there are so many FBS teams that polls will always be necessary for playoff seeding, just as they are for college basketball.

As for the BlogPoll, Tako did his entry last night in the heat of post-game drinking while I numbly ranked my teams this morning. We didn't disagree on too much as team schedules and records mostly speak for themselves at this point. Except for Florida and LSU. I swear those teams could beat Notre Dame on one night and lose to Portland State on the next. Our biggest disagreements were Oklahoma State (I had them at 25, Tako at 16) and LSU (12 versus 18).

Life will be a lot better next Saturday when the Ducks have another chance to beat a top 15 team -- and favorite rival -- and finish the regular season at 11-1, an excellent season by any measure. And there's still hope for Pac-12 championship and NCG berths. But as I write this on a Sunday, life still sucks.