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Poll: Will you be Traveling to Watch Ducks Football in a Bowl Game this Season?

The 2012 College Football Season is coming to a close and for the 8th straight year, the University of Oregon Ducks will see their season extend into December (and possibly January).

Christian Petersen

While the loss to Stanford was painful for many fans, there are a still a number of scenarios that could result in Oregon heading to a major college football bowl game this season with the most likely of those destinations being the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Arizona. The Civil War looms large, however, and the Oregon St. Beavers have their sights set on the Alamo Bowl or perhaps even a BCS Bowl if things shake out the right way.

Oregon has been to three straight BCS games and fans have been heavily outnumbered in each of those contests by the opponent's contingent. Of course, if Oregon loses the Civil War, it could be the Alamo Bowl or perhaps even further down the pecking order of Pac-12 Bowl Tie-ins.

This leads us to our poll question...