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Quack Fix: Devon Blackmon Could be Transferring Inside the Pac-12, Men's Hoops Takes on UNLV

I'm still coming out of my food coma today but I'll do my best to waddle over and dispense with the quack. It's not easy and if I see pie in the middle of this, kiss those links and spell checks goodbye.

We'll need to see lots of this on Saturday if Oregon is going to win the Civil War
We'll need to see lots of this on Saturday if Oregon is going to win the Civil War
Jonathan Ferrey

- It was recently announced that Oregon wide receiver Devon Blackmon was going to be transferring from the University of Oregon. It appears that at least one source has a bead on what his final destination would be. Devon's transfer marks the second wide receiver from the 2011 class to move on from the Ducks as Tacoi Sumler transferred to Appalachian State before the season officially kicked off. Blackmon just couldn't seem to make inroads on the 2-deep for Oregon and it's too bad it didn't work out. Given the above destination, I can't wish him success so instead, I'll just wish him well.

- Every year during Civil War week, we get a lot of different viewpoints on what the Oregon-Oregon State rivalry means, not only to the players, but also the community. I really enjoyed reading this article which goes a bit deeper than most where it talks about many of the "local celebrities" and what the Civil War means to them. Specifically included are Herb and Shannon Nill of Guaranty RV, Joe Giansante, Pete Peterson of the Red Rooster Barbershop, and Greg Little, Owner of Squirrels' Tavern in Corvallis. Speaking of Squirrels, great place to eat if you ever get the chance.

- Men's Basketball travels to Nevada tonight to take on the UNLV Runnin' Rebels and CBS Sports has a nice preview of the game. This would be a big win for a developing Oregon team, especially early in the season. The Ducks are 12 point underdogs going into the contest. The last time Oregon and UNLV played, it was the regional semifinals of the 2007 NCAA Tournament where the number 3 seed Ducks won 76-72. Think about that for a second. The number 3 seed Oregon Ducks... in the NCAA Tournament.

And finally, I'm reminded of a recent Civil War that feels very similar in build up. It was 2009, the Civil War for the Roses. Both the Ducks and Beavers came in looking to reach their first Rose Bowl in decades. What we got was one of the best football games ever in the rivalry. Many players from that game will be back playing in the 2012 rendition including Kenjon Barner who had one of his best performances of that season. Let's go back and relive some of the highlights from that game.