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Civil War First Half Open Thread

Oregon's Pac-12 title hopes run through Corvallis, as the Ducks looks to bounce back offensively while they slow OSU's talented passing attack.

Who: Oregon (10-1, 7-1 Pac-12) @ Oregon State (8-2, 6-2 Pac-12)
When: 12pm PST
Where: Reser Stadium, Corvallis, Oregon
Media: Pac-12 Network

The 2012 Civil War is here. I'll be honest, i'm nervous. Not necessarily because OSU scares me, but because the Ducks have a ton riding on this game. National Championship, Pac-12 Championship, and BCS hopes rest on getting a victory this afternoon. On top of that, OSU fans are looking to finally top the Ducks after years if misery.

It's going to be a hostile environment for the Ducks against a very good football team. Here's to hoping the Ducks take out their anger on Oregon State.

Stick around the discuss the game with your fellow Duck fans. GO DUCKS!!!