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12 Pac Review: The End of Another Year

Let's take a look at how another year of Pac 12 football ended.

Mike Riley is 0-4 in games that could give OSU a BCS game.
Mike Riley is 0-4 in games that could give OSU a BCS game.


1. Stanford 35 at Ucla 17 - Stanford looks like a completely different team from the beginning of the year. Some will say it was the switch from Nunes to Hogan, but the play calling and the offense is different too. Something changed after the WSU game as Stanford had 3 straight games with over 400 total yards. Against Ucla they were methodical and did exactly what they needed to to put themselves in the Pac 12 Championship Game. Congrats to the Tree as they win the Pac North.

2. Oregon 48 at Oregon State 24 - After all that, it didn't come down to voters, or computers or strengths of schedule. The end was fully in control of the Ducks and they let it go. So as you sit around and listen to a month plus of the Notre Dame and SEC love-fest, remember, Oregon had a chance to change all that, and they let it slip away. Still a great year for the Ducks and one that should not be forgotten soon.

3. Oregon State - You lost your shot at a Rose Bowl with a loss to Stanford, and you lost your shot at BCS at large berth with a loss to Oregon 2 weeks later. Anyone want to talk about how Mike Riley can't win the big games? How many chances at a BCS game is that guy going to get? 0-4 now.

4. washington 28 at Washington State 31 - Uw really Doog'd that game. Up 18 going into the 4th quarter and you let WSU score 21 straight. I have to hand it to the UW Dawgpound. While there are some that want blood, after a tough emotional loss like that, the conversation has been even-keeled about the realistic potential of this coaching staff and team.

5. Cal - How was that bye week?

6. Washington State - How do you celebrate a huge rivalry win? By punching the opposing team's best player as you rush the field. What a moron and props to for calling it out. I hope they find the asshat and let ASJ get his free swing back.


1. Ucla - "Don't look around for help, I'm over here." (1:28 mark) Funny how the USC fan gets to ask questions like that of Mora. I can't imagine what Kelly would say to someone like that.

2. USC 13 vs Notre Dame 22 - Does Kiffin survive a preseason #1 ranking that turned into a 7-5 season? I don't know how he can with play calling like that.

3. Arizona State 41 at Arizona 34 - Have to give credit to Graham for keeping his team fighting all season, even after a rough 4 straight loss stretch. Lots of youth on that team too, so this is definitely something he can build on going into next season.

4. Arizona - They really Doog'd that game too. Rich Rod has an uphill battle with how much talent he is losing, but judging by what Michigan is doing with his players, it won't take long for the Wildcats to be pushing for the Pac 12 South crown.

5. Utah 42 at Colorado 35 - I really don't know if Utah expected the jump to the Pac 12 to be this tough. First season in 11 years that Utah won't go bowling.

6. Colorado - Well, at least you weren't 0-12.

Next Week's Games:
Ucla at Stanford - Friday Pac 12 Championship Game