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Quack Fix: Ducks Await Fate and Bowl Game

There is still plenty of football left to be played, unfortunately, only one of those games will be the Ducks. It was a great season Oregon, and now we sit a week and wait to see where the Ducks are headed this bowl season. I'm guessing into the Arizona Territory. Before that though, let's look at the quack:


  • The biggest talk for the Ducks this bowl season will obviously be whether or not Chip Kelly heads to the NFL. Some media writers are already prepared for that. I don't think it is such a sure thing (more on that later this week). We'll have to wait and see, but for now, Kelly is still a Duck.
  • De'Anthony Thomas has the wan this weekend. I loved to see the fire and heart the kid had after OSU got a little rough and dirty in the trenches with him, something I didn't see a lot of the previous week from much of the team. I'm sure OSU and other fans aren't happy about the stomping incident, and I'm pretty sure DAT would like to have that moment back.
  • Oregon is #5 in the latest BCS rankings, but with either Georgia or Alabama losing next, Oregon will be top 4 and most likely headed towards a BCS game.
  • The coaching carousel in the Pac 12 begins and Jon Embree is the latest to fall. One of the reasons I don't think Kelly is leaving any time soon, is the relationships and comraderies he has built on the Oregon coaching staff (something that drove him to take the Oregon job in the first place). If those start to deteriorate, like say Helfrich goes to Cal or Colorado and takes Frost with him, that could push him out the door.
  • The Ducks held their annual awards ceremony and Michael Clay and Marcus Mariota were named the team's Most Outstanding Players. Lots of awards for some already decorated seniors leaving the program. Standing ovation for some the winningest players in Oregon's history on both sides of the ball.
  • Women's Volleyball has been pretty popular around these part this year, and it's about to get cranked up even higher. The Ducks were given a #1 seed and fifth overall as host of the for the NCAA Tournament for the first and second rounds. Let's pack Matt Court and give these girls the support they deserve for putting in a great season so far.

That's all the quack I have for right now, leave any other links in the comments below.