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12 Pac Review: Let all the scoring begin

12 Pac Review: Let all the scoring begin

This play card says if I took USC +9.5 I need to go for 2 even though there is only 1 second left in the game cause we're down 11.
This play card says if I took USC +9.5 I need to go for 2 even though there is only 1 second left in the game cause we're down 11.
George Frey

Not a lot of defense played this weekend, so let's look at how the winning offenses faired.


1. Oregon 62 at USC 51 - Thank god the USC defense was bad because as upset as I am about how bad the defense played, and let's be honest, it was an entire team affair, the special teams played worse. Marqise Lee averaged 31.4 yards per kick return. He gave USC great starting field position multiple times. I'll admit that USC should have been given that onside kick and our guys looked completely unprepared for it. Unacceptable. Finally, I'm going to go on record as saying I never want to see Oregon kick a field goal again. We have no problem going for it on 4th down at our own 30, yet we settle for a worse than 50/50 proposition field goal when we're in a scoring position and the opposing defense is at its most worn out of the drive? I'm sorry, but if we had a kicker that was even half-way reliable from greater than 40 out, I'd think about it, but right now counting on DAT, Mariota and Barner to get us yards seems like the better option.

2. Oregon State 36 vs ASU 26 - This was one of OSU's better games. ASU jumped out to a 14-3 lead early, but OSU clawed back behind Terron Ward and Markus Wheaton to tie it up before half. Cody Vaz finished with 267 yards passing and 3 TD and Ward gashed the ASU defense for 146 on the ground. Biggest game of the year for the Beavers happens next week as they travel to Stanford. Is Riley buying In-N-Out next Saturday night?

3. Stanford 48 at Colorado 0 - Holy shit, Colorado had 76 total yards. Total yards. Stanford's defense held them to minus 21 yards rushing. The Buffs would have been better off never running. Not once. On the flip side, Stanford pulled their starters at half and combined with the back ups racked up 436 yards and 206 on the ground. So what happens when a boring offense meets a boring offense next week?

4. washington 21 at Cal 13 - This makes it 4 straight years that Uw has beaten Cal. I'll be impressed when it hits 9 straight. For Cal, Zach Maynard threw his typical important drive interception and ended up leaving early with an injury. washington moves to 5-4 in conference and one win away from bowl eligibility. With a surging Utah team coming to town, if Uw is able to pull that out, don't be surprised if they end the season on a 5 game winning streak.

5. Cal - Terrible play calling, dumb decisions, inexcusably undisciplined, and excellent recruiting classes. If I'm Tedford, I'm polishing off that resume for an offensive coordinator position soon.

6. Washington State 6 at Utah 49 - I think Mike Leach would be happier if he cut the entire team. This WSU team looks like they don't even care any longer. Also, for the defenders of the Air Raid offense, I'd like to hear an explanation for how Kenjon Barner gained more yards in a single game (321) than WSU has in an entire season (262).


1. Ucla 66 vs Arizona 10 - This is karma for Rich Rod leaving Matt Scott in late last week. The Pac 12 South is a mess when a team like Arizona control its own destiny and the next week goes out and lays an egg. If you're hoping Ucla runs the table, remember this is the team that lost to Cal (yes, that Cal) 43-17. The Bruins seem to be in the best position right now to represent the Pac 12 South as Brett Hundley and Johnathan Franklin seem to have the offense rolling again, but they still have USC and Stanford left on the schedule.

2. USC - You know what you get as a reward for playing an up tempo spread offense like Oregon? A game with ASU the following week. USC looks like they have the Lee, Woods and Barkley trio finally but with 3 conference losses, they're going to need to keep their noses clean and beat Ucla on the road late if they want to make it to the Pac 12 Championship Game. USC and Ucla look to be on a collision course for the South division title in 2 weeks as their the only 2 teams left that control their destiny.

3. ASU - Right now the best hope for ASU is win out and hope that someone else besides USC takes out Ucla. The game against OSU was one they let get away. They had a lead, but they let Vaz, Ward and Riley's offense run rough shot over their defense once Will Sutton went out (sound familiar?).

4. Arizona - The Wildcats had a chance to secure bowl eligibility keep their name not only at the top of the South Division, but in the top 25 of the BCS. Well, at least you'll have Bowl eligibility as a remaining goal.

5. Utah - The Utes are on a roll now that they have Travis Wilson as quarterback. The red-shirt freshman went 17 for 21 for 171 yards and 2 touchdowns. Jon White added 101 on the ground and 2 more scores. If I'm a husky fan, the last thing I want to see right now is a team with a decent defense, a revitalized offense and a slim chance of making a bowl game coming to town. Utah over Uw is the upset pick of the week.

6. Colorado - Oregon had one yard less of offense on its first drive as Colorado did for the entire game.

Next Week's Games:
Oregon State at Stanford
Oregon at Cal
Arizona State at USC
Utah at washington
Ucla at WSU
Colorado at Arizona