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College Football Rankings: Oregon remains at #2 in both polls after USC win

Oregon remains at #2 in both polls, though questions remain about whether they can overtake Kansas State.

Stephen Dunn

Following Saturday's victory over USC, Oregon remained at #2 in both the Coaches' and AP Polls.

The top four are the same in each poll: Alabama, Oregon, Kansas State, and Notre Dame. Ohio State sits at #5 in the AP Poll, but is ineligible in the Coaches, which places Georgia in that spot.

Both polls have five Pac-12 teams overall, with the Coaches ranking Oregon State at #12, Stanford at #15, UCLA at #19, and USC dropping to #22.

The AP has those same teams in slightly different spots: Oregon State at #13, Stanford at #16, UCLA at #17, and USC at #21.

The big issue for Oregon fans is gaining separation in poll points from #3 Kansas State and, unfortunately, those numbers remain very close. Oregon is only 29 points head of Kansas State in the Coaches' Poll, compared to a 76 point difference between Oregon and Alabama. The Harris poll, which is the other counting poll in the BCS, has not been released, has generally been more favorable to the Ducks.

Oregon is widely expected to pass Notre Dame in tonight's BCS standings, as the Irish struggled mightily in a triple-OT victory against unranked Pittsburgh.