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Week 10 BlogPoll: Do you prefer Alabama or Oregon at #1?

Both Oregon and Alabama had impressive wins on Saturday, albeit with contrasting styles. Who impressed you more?

We know who the Duck thinks is the best team in the country
We know who the Duck thinks is the best team in the country
Stephen Dunn

There was very little movement in our BlogPoll this week as most of the top teams held serve. Oregon and Alabama had the two most impressive wins of the weekend, over USC and LSU respectively. Tako was impressed enough by Oregon's win to move them up to #1 in his poll, while I have them holding steady at #2. I'm tempted to put Oregon at #1 as well but given that Alabama is the defending national champion and has a bigger win than Oregon (over LSU), I'm leaving both teams where they are for at least another week.

As with last week, Kansas State and Notre Dame round out the top four. They're followed by Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Clemson, Oregon State, and Ohio State rounding out the top 10.

What does the ATQ family think about Oregon's win? Did it impress you enough to think they are the best team in the country?