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Quack Fix: Hosting Committed Recruits, Bergsma and Fischer get Awards and a Cal Preview

I'm not worked up over the USC football issue as some other people. It's not the fact that it happened, it's what USC has become as a result of this issue and others. This program was the class of the Pac-X where fans across the country would point to them and say the Pac-X conference is USC and everyone else. The talent is there, but the soul is lost and it's going to take a major change for it to come back.

Remember this guy? He helped pull out a close win against Cal in 2010. Will it be that close again?
Remember this guy? He helped pull out a close win against Cal in 2010. Will it be that close again?
Ezra Shaw

- In Football recruiting news, it appears that Chip Kelly's stance of not hosting committed recruits is starting to soften ($) a bit as current USC commit Nico Falah has scheduled an official visit to Oregon on November 16th when the Ducks take on Stanford.

- We've had some great articles here on ATQ this week talking about the Cal game coming up on Saturday night but none of them give the Bears a shot Saturday. This one doesn't either but does make the point that miracles do happen. An interesting statistic that was brought up in the article was that Cal would need to double their average offensive scoring just to have a chance to be range of what Oregon typically scores. As much as I think Berkley is a crazy place to play, consistency has been king for Oregon this year, especially on offense. I'd like to see Oregon go up big early and rest starters as much as possible to gear up for two physical matchups in Stanford and Oregon State to finish up the regular season.

- Another fanbase takes a look at Chip Kelly jumping to the NFL and this time it's to the Buffalo Bills. We're going to be hearing these drumbeats forever until 1) Chip finally leaves or he 2) tells NFL teams collectively that he is a college coach and that's the end. Something tells me that we'll be hearing those beats for awhile but what do I know? I'm still convincing myself, maybe in jest, that Chip enjoys the teaching aspect of coaching in college and that we're still a ways away from him leaving for the NFL.

- Oregon Volleyball Team members Alaina Bergsma and Katherine Fischer were named to the Capital One Academic All-District Team

- Schedule for Friday: Cross Country is at the NCAA West Region Championships starting at Noon, Volleyball takes on Arizona State at Matthew Knight Arena at 7pm.

And finally, I was harassed about linking a Matt Barkley video in your Friday "Video of the Week" and I'm hoping to redeem myself with this one. Although I know I'm too old to understand the appeal of Gangnam Style, I'm NOT too old to understand the appeal of Ghostbusters. Maybe through their powers combined, I can grow to understand it.