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Poll: Oregon State vs. Stanford - Who do you want to see win?

The Oregon Ducks are set to play both teams over the next 3 weeks. Both teams have 1 loss in the Pac-12 and a loss on Saturday would do major damage to each team's ability to complete for the Pac-12 North title going forward.

Doug Pensinger

With both teams in the Top-15 in the country currently, the BCS computer calculations should not be dramatically impacted by either team losing. If Stanford wins, especially if it's close, the Cardinal would probably swap positions with Oregon State in the polls and set up a major matchup with Oregon at Autzen the following week. If Oregon State wins, they are more than likely headed to the Civil War with 1 loss and a chance at making the Pac-12 Championship Game with the Oregon Ducks at home while the entire College Football World trains their eyes on Corvallis.

Given the key matchup this weekend, we ask you this question...