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Quack Fix: Oregon Ducks Volleyball is playing for the National Championship, Kyle Long, Mike Riley to Wisconsin?

After a week off from the Friday Quack Fix, I'm back to give you all the REAL links you have come to expect from the fine journalistic endeavor that is Addicted to Quack. Hey, stop laughing. I was being serious! Damn it. Anyway, on to the quack.

Harry How

- The Oregon Ducks Volleyball Team is headed to the National Championship Game to take on the Texas Longhorns after an amazing performance against Penn State last night. The Ducks dropped the first set but went on to win three in a row to head to their first ever, Volleyball National Championship Game. Oregon head coach Jim Moore came to Oregon and won just one match in his first season. What an amazing job by Moore in his career wearing the green and yellow.

- Great article on University of Oregon offensive lineman Kyle Long who is currently petitioning the NCAA for another year of eligibility due to medical hardship. Perhaps other people knew this, but I didn't know that the medical hardship was due to chemical dependency during his time at Florida State. Long has quickly become one of my favorite players on the 2012 team and I'd absolutely love to watch him hone his skills at guard for another season.

- The Sporting News has jumped into the Chip Kelly prediction game by giving us the predictable "Kelly is the perfect fit for Philadelphia or San Diego" article. Look, I've talked to Chip Kelly. Well, this couldn't be further from the truth in terms of Chip's plans. He's obviously replacing Mike Riley when he goes to Wisconsin.

- Wait a second. Is Oregon State head football coach Mike Riley interviewing at Wisconsin? Some say yes, some say no!

And finally, I had to submit this clip for your Friday Video because the music world may not see anything like this again. My favorite band from my youth reuniting with a global icon to jam for Hurricane Sandy relief.