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ATQ Podcast Episode 7--Fiestabowlapalooza

After a week off, Matt and I are back, and are joined by Tye Burger of Bring on the Cats to talk about Kansas State.

Al Messerschmidt

Sorry for the week off, but a migraine got the best of me last week. Matt and I are back this week for another fantastic episode.

We're joined by Tye Burger of SB Nation's excellent Kansas State blog, Bring on the Cats, who gives us about a half hour of his time to talk about what Oregon can expect from Kansas State. We then shift our focus to basketball, where we review Oregon's win over Nebraska last week. We also discuss what Oregon needs to do to make the NCAA Tournament, and what Dana Altman's contract extension should look like after the season. Finally, we finish up with What are you Drinking?, where Matt and I jinx each other by drinking the same thing, and devolve into a conversation about how awful artificial grape and watermelon are.

As always, you can visit the ATQ page on Talkshoe to download directly or subscribe, or you find us on iTunes.