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Oregon Ducks Will Face NCAA Committee of Infractions Hearing This Spring

Attempts by Oregon to resolve the Will Lyles case by summary disposition has failed, and the school will face a hearing before the Committee of Infractions.

Jonathan Ferrey

Bad news from Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports, who is reporting that attempts by the University of Oregon to get a summary disposition in the Will Lyles case has failed, and that the school will face a hearing before the NCAA Committee of Infractions this spring. Oregon had hoped to get a summary disposition, essentially copping to an agreed-upon version of violations and penalties, but the two sides were unable to come to an agreement on exactly what violations occurred and what penalties were appropriate.

According to Robinson, one sticking point seems to be who was to blame for the lack of physical scouting reports. Oregon claims that they received oral reports, and that Lyles is at fault for not providing written reports. The NCAA disagreed with that assessment. Additionally, four other charges have been redacted in public reports. Other known charges against Oregon are failure to monitor use of scouting services, and having an extra coach on the recruiting trail.

This is not good news for Oregon, as a summary disposition would have ended the case. Given the two sides' inability to agree on proposed infractions and consequences, it certainly has to make Duck fans more nervous that serious sanctions could occur. The Committee on Infractions is highly unpredictable.

So for now, Oregon fans await our fate, and things should be resolved one way or another this summer.