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Quack Fix: Baseball ranked 6th, Chris Harper, and the NCAA “process”

Our "sources" inside the University of Oregon Athletic Department have told us that the world is ending today at 3:11pm. So from us to you, here is the last ever Quack Fix you will ever read. I take that back. Here is the last Quack Fix that you will skip reading so you can go straight to the comments.

I've decided to be positive during the holiday season so here's a picture of Uncle Phil smiling.
I've decided to be positive during the holiday season so here's a picture of Uncle Phil smiling.
Craig Mitchelldyer

- While people will tend to focus on the bad news of the week in terms of Men's Basketball losing to UTEP and Football dealing with the NCAA Committee on Infractions in the spring, it's time to perk up a little bit. While it may be cold and rainy outside, the Oregon Ducks Baseball team is doing work behind the scenes to justify their newly minted, number 6 ranking in the collegiate baseball preseason poll. I know preseason polls are silly but it should be encouraging to any Ducks Baseball fan that we could be in for a special season in 2013.

- As most everyone knows, the summary disposition process was apparently unsuccessful and the Ducks Football Program looks to the next step of NCAA investigations into the Willie Lyles debacle. Chip Kelly has said that Oregon has cooperated fully with the ongoing investigation. My personal take is that this development has changed nothing. We are pretty well assured that we did something wrong and it's just a matter of trying to figure out how bad the punishment is going to be. While it's fun to speculate, no one really knows. In fact, the NCAA might not even know until it cuts the head off a chicken and lets it dance around on a colorful board to pick the result.

- Former Oregon QB/WR and current Kansas State star Chris Harper gave a nice interview where he reflected on his time at Oregon, his eventual transfer, and how things ended up back at Kansas State. I know players and coaches like to give the "just another game" speech but I think that's a bunch of crap. There may not be any animosity, but how could Harper not have that extra motivation in his heart to beat some old friends in the final game of his college career?

And finally, this is the holiday season and we've had a lot of interesting debates over some extremely controversial issues. I know this time is stressful for a lot of people but I have a challenge for each of you. There are reasons you are blessed in your everyday lives. Remember them, concentrate on them, even for just a moment. If not during this time of year, then when?