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Quack Fix:Therese Haiss commits to Oregon, Danny Mattingly, and Lache Seastrunk goes off on UCLA

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I hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season. To be honest, having some time away from work and football has been quite energizing for me. While we may complain about how long the off-season is, sometimes it feels like the 4 month long regular season in college football is an eternity.

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- The Oregon Ducks got a commitment from a speedster on Thursday. No, not for the football team, but the Track and Field program. Therese Haiss has committed to Oregon, choosing the Ducks over Penn State. She is planning on running the 800 meters and either the 1500 or 400 meters during her college career. She also is looking at joining the Cross Country team as an upper classman.

- In other recruitment news, recent football commit Danny Mattingly opens up about his decision in this Rivals piece ($) to join Oregon after decommitting from Notre Dame

- Anyone catch the Baylor-UCLA matchup in the Holiday Bowl last night? What a performance on the ground by the Baylor Bears, including your 2013 Heisman Trophy winner-in-waiting, Lache Seastrunk, who had 138 yards on 16 carries and a touchdown. Seastrunk has gotten a lot of crap from people on this blog about "washing out" and not cutting it at Oregon. Sometimes when players leave, it's not because they weren't good enough on the field. I hope that this performance helps to put that talk to bed.

- I know we've got some shoe buffs in the audience. How about these Nike Air Jordan 3's and 4's from DJ Clark Kent's Oregon Collection. While sometimes our uniforms can be "in your face", I appreciate how understated these kicks are.

- Preparing for the Fiesta Bowl has become the talk of the day as the Football Team is in Glendale, preparing to take on Kansas State on January 3rd. While you get all the quotes you expect from this type of piece.... "It's our Super Bowl", "business-like atmosphere", what I appreciate is the familiarity of it all. The team is practicing at the same location it did for the BCS National Championship Game two years ago. 50 players and the entire coaching staff is still here from that game. While some young guns will need to step up on a big stage, there is a veteran feel to this game that gives me some confidence going into the matchup.

And finally, sometimes going to 4 BCS games in a row can create a certain sense of apathy amongst fans. Ok, we're here again. Let's go get that win. Other times, when you go through the holiday season, you get to experience the joy of being a fan that can throw all of that apathy aside and cause you to remember why you're a fan in the first place. I submit to you this video of a fan that got one of the best surprises of his life for the holidays.