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Quack Fix: Bowl Schedules and Ducks headed to Glendale

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Four straight BCS games for the Ducks. Its been a wonderful ride to watch the Ducks climb to the highest rungs of the college football ladder. Never forget where we came from Duck fans, this is something to never take for granted. Well as we wait a month until we play, let's see what Quack we can dig up:

In Snyder we trust to back out of the games that don't fit our scheduling philosophy
In Snyder we trust to back out of the games that don't fit our scheduling philosophy
  • In case you didn't know, the Ducks were selected to play in the BCS Tostitos Fiesta Bowl against Kansas State on January 3rd. Also, for the DAF and season ticket holders, you have until 5pm today secure priority status for you bowl game tickets. With it being a decade since KSU played in a BCS game, expect the demand for tickets to this game to remain rather high.
  • Ted Miller and David Ubben have their initial takes on the game. I'm sure there is going to be plenty to talk about regarding this game considering KSU backed out on a game against Oregon this year, just a few weeks ago it looked like both these teams destined to play in the National Championship and there are a couple of interesting relationships personnel wise.
  • Rob Moseley has a nice break down of some of the more common stats between the two teams. Initial reaction: Oregon is better offensively, but outside of Stanford, this is the best defense Oregon will have faced all year. Really hope the offense is prepared for this one.
  • Miller also has a recap of the entire bowl schedule for the Pac 12. Most interesting game beside the Oregon game to me has to be washington against Boise State. Not only do these two teams open up the 2013 season against each other, but Justin Wilcox gets to coach against his former team in a bowl game. Also, Uw is going for their first 8 win season since 2001.
  • It was a good weekend for the volleyball team. Two tourney games and two tourney sweeps. The Ducks are now headed to the sweet sixteen where they take on BYU on Friday at 5:00pm. Make sure to continue to check ATQ for game times, steams and of course terrific recaps of the games.
  • It was also a good weekend for the Ducks basketball team as they got a pair of wins. Besides the question about what bowl game you're most excited about, here's another I have for you. Will the Ducks basketball team be ranked in the top 25 sometime this year? I'll go first, yes.

That's all the quack I got now, feel free to leave any other links in the comments.