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Quack Fix: Oregon Fans Aren't Buying Fiesta Bowl Tickets

Tickets for the Fiesta Bowl are a slow sell in Eugene. Here is your daily news fix.

Christian Petersen

I'd like to officially welcome our Kansas State friends who have been visiting the last few days. Always enjoy some friendly banter. I'd also encourage Duck fans to check out SB Nation's Kansas St. blog, Bring on the Cats.

Football is in hiatus and with it being finals week, there is no basketball until Saturday. Not a lot of Quack out there, but here is what we found:

Finally, with it being a bit of a slow sports week, I'll throw in a couple of links to get a little off-topic conversation going. For any of you younger folk who don't know the story, one of the most interesting events in Oregon history is the founding of Rajneeshpuram. Essentially a giant cult community, it is best remembered for its 1984 attempt to use bioterrorism to steal control of the Wasco County Commission, and their plot to assassinate the U.S. attorney who was investigating them. They have nothing to do with the Ducks, but maybe you'll learn something.