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ATQ Podcast Episode 6: Bowling

Matt and Dave overview the Pac-12 bowl games, discuss Tuesday's flurry of coaching changes, and take a trip around the Pac-12 hoops universe.

Steve Dykes

In the latest episode of the ATQ Podcast, Dave and Matt give an overview of the Pac-12 bowl season. We'll tell you what bowls we're most looking forward to, which ones are total dogs, and one that may be under the radar that you should check out. We'll also touch on Tuesday's myriad of coaching changes, with more Bret Bielema talk than you'll ever need on an Oregon Ducks podcast.

In Pac-12 hoopsworld, we'll argue that Oregon is one of the top-three teams in the league, and break down the league into three tiers. You'll also get to hear Matt argue (wrongly) that UCLA is a good team this season. We'll also delve into Oregon's stat sheet, and discuss three areas where the Ducks need to improve heading into the conference season.

Finally, Matt will dig into the volleyball team, and we'll debate coffee vs. tea in What Are You Drinking?

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