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Quack Fix: Men's Hoops Wins at Home, Baseball Expectations, Adam Hazel

It has been 41 days since the Washington Huskies have beaten the Oregon Ducks in basketball. Not quite the same ring to it as football but I won't be picky after that performance.

  • Garrett Sim and his buddies in yellow unleashed a Tony Woods-sized can on the Washington Huskies last night, defeating the bad guys from that state up north 82-57. Oregon never trailed in the game and played great team ball. The Huskies looked completely out of sorts while the Ducks played one of their best games of the season.
  • Expectations were high for last year's Oregon Baseball team. There was talk about winning the conference, playoffs and perhaps more in 2011 but the tone is a bit different going into the 2012 season. "Living in the moment" seems to be the motto this year. For those that followed the team last year, you know that hitting was a problem. To help address the situation, Jay Uhlman is back on the coaching staff. To get yourself caught up on all the latest news as we move towards the season opening game on February 17th, check out this great rundown.
  • Speaking of baseball, junior left-hander Christian Jones is scheduled to undergo Tommy John surgery. I've heard the term a lot but I never knew what it entailed until I jumped on the Google Machine and hit the Wikipedias.
  • If I said the name "Adam Hazel" to you, would you remember who I was talking about? What if I told you he was a quarterback? What if I said he was under 30? Give up? He was a walk-on who provided depth to Kellen Clemens and Dennis Dixon back in the day. He was hired as the St. Francis Sharks (high school) football coach in California. Congratulations to Adam!

Happy Friday everyone. Always good to be hanging on a Friday after a good Ducks win.