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Quack Fix: Singler named player of the week and the Joe Lillard story

First, a programming note: due to Valentine's Day, Dave and Matt will not be doing a Tuesday Night Talks this week. It's almost like they have lives outside of keeping us entertained. Enjoy your Tuesday fix:

  • After a big sweep of the Washington schools this past week, E.J. Singler was named the conference player of the week. Singler averaged 18 points and 7 rebounds in the two victories and, as the linked Pac-12 release notes, is closing in on some career milestones.
  • As teased yesterday, Benzduck has a new entry up on Duck Downs, telling the Joe Lillard story. As usual, it is well-written and definitely a must read.
  • For those of you holding out hope that Oregon can some how find a way into the NCAA tournament this year, the latest Sporting News has the Ducks as a bubble team, with Arizona and Cal both earning invites. The Ducks will try to keep those hopes alive with a trip to the Bay Area this week.
  • Finally, fishduck contributor Josh Schlichter has a video breaking down Oregon's swinging gate formation on PATs.

Go Ducks