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Quack Fix: NCAA Violations, De'Anthony Thomas and the Heisman, Lacrosse and Twilight Accessories

Since we lost last night, does that mean we're CGB North until baseball season? Oh wait... ROSE BOWL.

  • Like two heavyweight prize fighters, the Oregon Ducks and the California Golden Bears took to the hardwood last night, looking to bring a regular season Pac-12 championship closer into focus. Back and forth the game went until Cal took the lead in the final minutes and defeated Oregon 86-83 at Haas Pavilion. Even though Oregon didn't come away with the victory, I came out of this game feeling really good. This is the second time this season where I felt like we were in the thick of a battle at the top of the conference and it could have gone Oregon's way. It's been a long time since I felt this emotionally attached to the success and failure of the men's basketball team and that is a good thing.
  • Remember a couple of weeks ago when news came out that Football Head Coach Chip Kelly talked to former head coach and current ESPN commentator Mike Bellotti about the upcoming recruiting class? Well, Oregon is self-reporting a violation as a result.
  • De'Anthony Thomas is making some early Heisman lists and generating some good debate on the subject. Quite frankly, I think the chances are slim unless Oregon is in the National Title hunt late in the season. With the hype machine going around Matt Barkley and USC being eligible for a bowl game, I think Barkley will be able to leverage the "return" of USC along with throwing the rock to his amazing receivers.
  • Oregon's lacrosse team looks to begin the 2012 season by taking on Temple back east. With an experienced group coming back, the Ducks will be in contention for the MPSF championship and a potential bid in the NCAA tournament. Little known fact. JConant and I first met at a Lacrosse match and he's been dealing with me coming to his tailgate ever since.

Since I always try to provide something interesting and enlightening on the Internet in my Quack Fixes, this one is for the ladies.