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Quack Fix: Football Recruiting Wrap-Up, De'Anthony Thomas and the Track Team, and Nike's Upcoming NFL Ties

Did any of your Oregon State Beaver friends see their shadow today? If so, that means 6 more weeks of looking for more defensive back recruits.

  • Yesterday marked the yearly ritual in college football where young men had to struggle with that awkward question we all have had to struggle with at one point in our lives... what the hell is a fax machine? Most people have discussed star rankings or how this school did compared to other schools. I prefer to look at it from another angle. This was a day when students across the country sign a piece of paper confirming a scholarship offer to attend a university. Celebrate as Duck Fans for our class, but celebrate the families of these kids that worked hard and raised them to reach for the stars and grab these opportunities. Here's Chip Kelly talking about the incoming recruiting class (video by the Register-Guard). If you prefer "Chip Notes", here's a text-based version of some of the highlights.
  • While we might all get excited about new recruits, there are a ton of guys already putting in the work for another successful football season coming in the fall. The future is now with those guys, but sure. We can still talk more about the 2012 recruiting class as well.
  • 2012 marks another big milestone that some people may not realize. Nike will become the official apparel and uniform supplier for the NFL and you know what that means. There's a certain school out there who's going to get mentioned every single time this fact gets brought up between now and then. Not much in this article except a photo of some nifty Philadelphia Eagles gloves.
  • Friend of the Blog and Twitter Track Master Flash Ken Goe has some awesome updates from the land of running, jumping, running through tape, making footprints in sand, using a pole to jump over other poles, throwing sharp poles into the ground, and various other feats. In something that will even make JShufelt excited, "The Fan Festival will include something being billed as 'base came for beer fanatics'". Definitely worth the read to get caught up on the Olympic Trials and whether De'Anthony Thomas will be available for the track team.

And finally, if you follow @addictedtoquack on Twitter, you may have witnessed the birth of a new rival fan slam on our beloved Oregon Ducks. For all of you American Idol fans, here's Ben from Eugene, Oregon!