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Quack Fix: E.J. Singler powers Ducks to sweep of Stanford, Oregon's bats explode in Hawaii

Happy President's Day! For those of you unlucky enough to be at work, sorry for the late quack.

  • Though Oregon didn't play it's best, they got their second-straight win at Maples Pavilion, where before Dana Altman came around, the Ducks hadn't won since 1986. The Ducks trailed for most of the game, but 10 consecutive points by E.J. Singler were capped by a 3-pointer with 2:47 left that gave the Ducks a 66-64 lead. Devoe Joesph would add two more free throws to make it a 68-64 final.
  • The Ducks keep Oregon in the top four of the conference, with three games left. Though the Ducks don't have any realistic chances of the regular season conference championship, the Ducks could land squarely in the top 3 by winning their final games, @OSU, and home against Utah and Colorado. All games are winnable, and could give the Ducks momentum going into the conference tournament.
  • The Oregon bats were kept pretty silent for the first two games of their series with Hawaii. They didn't score until the 9th inning in a Friday loss. On Saturday, they scratched together three runs for a win in the 12th inning. But yesterday, they exploded for 14 runs on 15 hits, scoring early and often. The Ducks scored eight runs on seven hits in the 4th inning, taking advantage of two Hawaii errors to put the game away early. The Ducks go for the series win in the final game of the trip today at 3:05pm.
  • The love for De'Anthony Thomas does not end. Brian Libby from FishDuck calls DAT's 91-yard TD transcendent. Every time I watch the run, I am more impressed. While the Oregon offensive line opened a huge hole for DAT, in a split-second, he saw the safety coming down to fill that, and squirted through a space in the line, and with that speed, there was no chance for Wisconsin to stop him. And Libby is correct, that play above the rest, really showed that Wisconsin could not keep with Oregon's offensive speed, and the Ducks would score easily the rest of the game.
  • I don't normally pay attention to the NFL draft and where many Ducks go. But that is changing this year, with LaMichael James and Darron Thomas, in the draft. Joe from Autzen Zoo takes a look at their draft prospects. He says that James will likely go in the 2nd round, and Darron in the 7th.
  • Ken Goe has a track round up that focuses on how US Track needs to develop and market stars as the 2012 Olympics approach. Keep your eyes on Ashton Eaton.

Got anything else? Leave it below. GO DUCKS!