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Quack Fix: Ducks in the All-State Sugar Bowl, Nike Having "Fun" with the NFL, Bryan Bennett and Playoffs

People who know me understand that I don't really buy into the various monikers fans have for other teams. I don't do the "fBSU" thing or "U$C" thing. I don't get the issue people have with using proper grammar and deciding not to capitalize Washington. I kind of understand the "Bavers" thing due to 2008 but I never did understand the "Little Brother" moniker. That is, until I read about Malcom Marable doing 104 down I-5. Maybe the Beavers really are the little brother that tries to imitate but just can't quite do it as well.

  • Did you know the Ducks are playing in the Sugar Bowl? No no no you silly goose! We aren't talking about football! We're talking women's golf as they travel East to participate in the All-State Sugar Bowl Intercollegiate Golf Championship. Play kicks off this Sunday with USC in the field to defend their title from last year.
  • I discussed the upcoming Nike-NFL uniform news in a quack fix a few weeks ago but we've got some more interesting news on this front. While the fine folks of the swoosh will want to have a bit of "fun" with the uniforms, the logos are controlled by the teams and the NFL and any changes made will need to be cleared through the league office.
  • Fox Sports West takes a look at the Pac-12 in terms of men's basketball. There still seems to be talk of Oregon making the NCAA Tournament but there is a LOT of basketball to be played and anything can happen, both positive and negative. Fact remains that Oregon has won 8 of it's last 11 and if the Ducks can finish strong, there's a chance. Yes, I'm saying there's a chance. Looking in my crystal ball, I think JConant better start saving his money to pay off a bet.
  • Friend of the Blog, and Track Super Freak Ken Goe has all kinds of Track and Field news and notes. Make sure you follow our buddy Ken on Twitter @kengoe. Make sure to tweet him your favorite adult beverage recipes.
  • Everyone's favorite backup quarterback since every backup quarterback ever, Bryan Bennett, opens up about all kinds of thoughts going into the spring and next season. As far as prep goes? Bennett and Marcus Mariota have been throwing with receivers 6 days a week since the season ended.
  • For at least one sports writer, the BCS guys are wasting all of our time since we are going to get a 8-team or 16-team playoff anyway. The plus-one system will be just the beginning to a giant money grab. Can't say I disagree but when this much money is involved, you have to make sure all the people are taken care of, all the backdoor deals are done and that no one gets too much more than anyone else. But hey, can't we all think of the children?

As we all get older, we are forced into looking back at our childhood and formative years, most often with shame. The further removed you get, the more one single thought creeps into your brain... "what were you thinking?". While I was born in the 70's, I feel like I barely missed most of the 80's culture. I got to relive some of my favorite memories, all in photographic form, from my teenage years. Enjoy.