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Quack Fix: Ducks will fight for postseason against Colorado, SBNation launches YouTube channel

It's Wednesday, so you know what that means, you can go download last night's Tuesday Night Talk. Based on the poll that has popped up, sounds like it went off topic a bit, so definitely worth a listen.

And since it's a slow day for Quack, a little SBNation announcement. SBNation has launched a youtube channel, in a special partnership with Youtube, and will be producing a ton of great content. Dan Rubenstien (of the Solid Verbal) and Matt Ufford (of Warming Glow and Kissing Suzy Kolber) are just a couple of the big names that have joined the network specifically to create content for the channel. Here's a promo video from Matt and Dan, and here's one from Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk (who will be covering college football). I'm excited to see all the new videos. I've already subscribed, and you should too. Alright, let's get to the quack:

Help out your fellow addicts, and drop any other quack in the comments. GO DUCKS!