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Oregon obliterates washington on the hardwood, 82-57

We wondered how Oregon would respond after the heartbreaking loss at Colorado. We didn't think Oregon could keep up with washington's athleticism.

Garrett Sim didn't care. He went into Kobe mode, burying three in a row to start the game on an 8-0 run all by himself. It was all gravy from there, as washington couldn't handle Oregon's defensive pressure, offensive movement, and hot shooting. By the end of the game, Tony Woods was finishing alley oops, Olu was throwing down the reverse, and Carlos Emory went with the windmill. It was domination on every level, and Oregon is back to finding itself just a game out of first place in the conference. It was a great offensive effort, but even a better defensive effort. The team stats tell the tale on this one, and I'll just leave it at that for the evening:

Oregon washington
FG% 55.4% 35.8%
3FG% 53.8% 12.5%
FT% 56.5% 38.9%
Rebounds 38 35
Assists 15 8
Blocks 5 0
Turnovers 9 11

That is the stastical profile of domination.