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Quack Fix: Colorado's Boyle returns to Eugene, Baseball gets some deserved attention

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Colorado's Tad Boyle could give Dana Altman a run for his money in on-court enthusiasm.
Colorado's Tad Boyle could give Dana Altman a run for his money in on-court enthusiasm.

We have a big game to look forward to tonight as the Ducks try to keep their dwindling NCAA hopes alive. With so many bubble teams winning big games, the Ducks need to do whatever they can to keep pace as they host Colorado.

  • Colorado head coach Tad Boyle is no stranger to Eugene. He started his coaching career under Jerry Green, and got married here. But it's not much of a time for recollection as Colorado and Oregon are playing, at the very least, for a bye in the Pac-12 tournament.
  • Oregon baseball has been a great surprise so far this season, going 7-1 in their first 8 games, all on the road, and they've drawn some attention, warranting the lead story from Baseball America. For those that haven't been able to follow the team while they've been on the road, this is a great article to learn how the Ducks have excelled so far. They've seen a number of pitchers step up, especially sophomore Jimmie Sherfy who has already struck out 19. But the real story is the hitters, who have increased their average to .296 from .258 last year.
  • With a rebuilt pitching staff, expectations weren't high this year, but things have really come together, and a big part of that is Oregon's No. 1 starter, Alex Keudell. The only senior pitcher on the team, he's gotten the nickname "grandpa" as he helps out the underclassmen on the team. It's been a long road for Keudell, but he's excelled so far this season, and he'll be starting when the Ducks open up at PK Park tomorrow night against Long Beach State.
  • Lastly, Kurt has another great Q&A over at FishDuck, this one with former Duck WR Derrick Deadwiler. It's always great to hear from former Ducks, and this video podcast is no exception. Deadwiler has a lot of great stories, and talks about his time at Oregon between the Musgrave years, and the '94 Rose Bowl team, as the team went through some growing pains.

Well, there wasn't a lot of quack out there today, so share anything else you go. GO DUCKS!