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Open Thread: PAC-12 and Conference Championship Saturday

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Its Conference Championship Saturday, and somebody from the Pac-12 has no choice but to make the tournament. On one end, we have the Colorado Buffaloes at 22-11, coming off wild upsets of Oregon and California, looking for their first tournament appearance since 2003. They go up against Arizona, who merely had to beat UCLA and Oregon State, and makes the tournament every year. Aside from the fact that having Colorado in the tournament is just more fun, Tad Boyle did an outstanding coaching job this season and deserves to end it with a tourney berth. The two teams split their regular season matchups. The game tips off at 3:00 PT on CBS.

In other conference tournament action today:

SEC Tournament Semifinals: Kentucky vs. Florida (10:00 PT, ABC), Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt (12:30 PT, ABC)

Big Ten Tournament Semifinals: Wisconsin vs. Michigan State (10:40 PT, CBS), Ohio State vs. Michigan (1:05 PT, CBS)

Big 12 Championship: Missouri vs. Baylor (3:00 PT, ESPN)

ACC Semifinals: NC State vs. North Carolina (10:00 PT, ESPN). Florida State vs. Duke (12:00 PT, ESPN)

Big East Championship: Cincinnati vs. Louisville (6:00 PT, ESPN)

Mountain West Championship: New Mexico vs. San Diego State (4:00, NBC Sports Network)

Enjoy the games today.