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NCAA Tournament 2012: Join the ATQ Bracket Challenge at Yahoo

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March Madness is upon us, and though the Ducks didn't make the Big Dance, they'll at least be playing in a real postseason tournament this year.

And as always, ATQ will be having a bracket challenge group. You can join the group here at Yahoo (group ID 124935), and the password is goducks. My apologies if you already submitted a bracket under dvieira's bracket group that was linked last night. We had some miscommuncation and got doubled up.

I'm particularly excited for the tournament this year. The top 8 teams are very strong, and in my opinion, this makes for the best tournament possible. Yeah, it's fun to see upsets, and that's part of what makes the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament the most exciting 4 days in sports. It's always great to root against Duke, and for an upstart taking down a traditional power.

But when it gets to the last few rounds, I want to see the best of the best. It's fun to see a team like Butler or George Mason make a run, but I'd like to see the championship games be watchable. I really don't think that's too much to ask.

Taking an early look at the bracket, I like a lot of the first and second seeds (except Duke, who is wildly overrated). All other teams are in the top 8 of the KenPom rankings, and are capable of a deep run. I'd really like to see Missouri do well, and they look poised to after winning the Big 12 tournament.

But after that, a lot of teams are very vulnerable. I don't trust 4-seeds Indiana, Michigan, or Lousiville. Three seed Georgetown has a very tough first game against Belmont, and Vanderbilt didn't get an easy draw either against Harvard.

This really couldn't be set up more perfectly. I'll be rooting on the top seeds, while hoping the rest of the teams get taken down early.

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