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NCAA Tournament 2012: Does the suspension of Syracuse's Fab Melo change your bracket?

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We're though the first set of play-in games, but Iona's epic choke is not the early story of the tournament. That honor goes to the suspension of the Big East Defensive Player of the Year, Syracuse big man Fab Melo. Melo's suspension has people scrambling to change their brackets. Syracuse, being a one-seed, will almost assuredly win their first game against UNC-Asheville. But how does a team missing their best player stack up in a potential second round matchup with Kansas State? Or a Sweet Sixteen tilt with Vanderbilt or Wisconsin? Syracuse has gone from a legitimate natonal title contender to something much less than that, the question is, what?

Remeber, you can still join ATQ's Bracket Challenge Group at Yahoo! (Group ID: 124935, password: goducks) or edit your already placed picks.

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